Factory made hot-sale Corn Milling Machine - E2-9 Nesting Work Center – EXCITECH





 If you are looking for a machine for nested-based manufacturing but your choices are limited by budget, then this E2 NESTING will be your perfect investment for great growth.

 The adoption of the world’s top-grade components as a result of our constant pursuit of quality means you can spend less money but get bigger value in one compact package.

 Equipped with two spindles, this machine allows you to carry out cutting and grooving without having to change tools. It also carries a drill bank that will give you the versatility for your work.

 When combined with Cabinet Vision Advanced to optimize the machining process, this machine

marries productivity and flexibility, enabling you to carry out nesting and drilling in all kinds of shapes and responding to every need.

 This machine comes with a pusher/sweeper that pushes the worked pieces off the main work table and cleans the surface at the same time, which allows the operator to remove the pieces with ease and dramatically reduces down time.

 Can be used as a stand-alone solution or part of the automatic panel furniture production cell—choose from our range of processing centers to lift your game and remain competitive.

 Option: Automatic loading system




Traveling Size 2500*1260*200mm
Working Size 2440*1220*50mm
Table Size 2440*1228mm
Unloading Speed 15m/min
Transmission X/Y Rack and Pinion;Z Ball Screw Drive
Table Structure Vacuum Table
Spindle Power 6.0KW/5.5KW
Spindle Speed 18000r/min
Traveling Speed 40m/min
Working Speed 18m/min
Driving System Yaskawa
Voltage AC380/3PH/50HZ
Controller Syntec
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