Double work zone 6-sided drilling machine CNC woodworking

Double work zone 6-sided drilling machine CNC woodworking

EHS-2T double work zone 6-sided drilling machine Double work zone processing without interrupting the work cycle , greatly enhances efficiency Smaller footprint same output delivered,only half of the space Highlight ability to process board as small as 30MM when manually infeed and 50mm when automatically Double work zone Two bottom drill banks both with 9 vertical drills Top drill bank: 12vertical+8horizontal

Drilling cell (output:10-15pcs/min)

Automatic production  multi shift production

Reduced labor cost     require less operators than manual processing

Eliminates errors    reduce processing error and panel damage

Informatization       integrated solutions,real-time production data recording

One-stop software integrated solutions:

Drilling cell central control system                   six sided drilling in one stroke

Automatically dispatches unworked parts to planned position

Production in sequence and continuity

Various customers benefiting from drilling cell: