Excitech 6sided drilling machine for woodworking

Excitech  6sided drilling machine—Double-Drilled Packages Are More Efficient


Air table reduces friction and protects the delicate surface

Six sided processing    six sided drilling completed in one cycle,require no second positioning

Integrated machine frame   high precision through out service life

Highlight      ability to process board as small as 30mm

Six sided series optional configuration:

2drill banks working simultaneously for more productivity


Grooving from top and bottom synchronously to improve the grooving efficiency


Lamello saw\side grooving optional




traveling size 4800*1750*150mm
Max.working size 2800*1200*50mm
min. working size 200*30*10mm
dimension 5400*2750mm
net weight 3700kg
drill bank info. vertical21+horizontal8
power 14kw
splindle info. 3.5kw*2