Woodworking deep hole drilling six sides processing

Product Description

Six-sided drilling machine is mainly used for horizontal,vertical drilling and slotting in various types of artificial panels, with small power spindle for slotting, solid wood panels, etc. Simple operation, fast drilling processing speed, with small spindle slotting, it is suitable for processing all kinds of modular cabinet-type furniture. Six-sided drilling machine can fix the workpiece in one clamping and multi-face machining. It simplifies the overall machining process of the workpiece, simplifies the process, improves the machining efficiency. It has also completely solved the problem that the complicated workpiece needs the error caused by multiple clamping, which reduces the work difference and improves the machining precision.

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  • Six-sided drilling machine with bridge structure processes six sides in a single cycle.
  • Double adjustable gripppers hold the workpiece firmly despite their length.
  • Air table reduces friction and protects the delicate surface.
  • The head is configured with vertical drill bits, horizontal drill bits, saws and spindle so the machine could perform multiple jobs.

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