Roller Wood Edge Banding Machine

Roller Wood Edge Banding Machine

EF583-2022 拷贝

1.Edgebander Introduction
EF583 edgebander is a kind of is a cost-effective machine with Pre milling and Corner trimming.It’s suitable for particleboard, MDF and other wood-based panels.

2.Edgebander Feature And Application
■  EF583 edgebander is a cost-effective machine with the following functions,Pre Milling→Gluing→Pressing1→End trimming→Rough trimming→Fine trimming→ Corner trimming→Scraping→Buffing.
■  EF583 edgebander (Pre Milling+Corner trimming)
■  Pre-mming unit equipped with diamond tools for better cut and longer use. 
■  Two corner trimming motors,this device works well with various edge thicknesses and invariably result in perfect round corner.
■  Double Rail end trimming ensures edge more stable and faster.

PUR Hotmelt
For water resistant application
Optically invisible joints
Perfect finish as a matter of course     
Double Glue Reservoirs
Two glue reservoirs to quickly switch between colors and to achieve invisible joint     
Hotmelt Device/Top Melt/Bottom Melt Optional
Top pre-melter reduces heating time and increases the quality of edge banding.     
Hot Air Edgebanding Technology
Zero glue line,Minimum heating time required,water-resistant,saving the trouble of cleaning the glue pots     

——Various Customers Benefiting from EXCITECH edgebander technology——

The EF583 edgebander with Pre milling and Corner Trimming is packed with anti-rust plastic film for cleaning and damp proofing.
Fasten EF583 edgebander with Pre milling and Corner Trimming on the plywood pallet for safety and against clashing.
Qingdao Port / Tianjin Port / Shanghai / As appointed

■  From your first inquiries about our machine to close the deal to installation to technical support and maintenance, our team will be always with you.
■  Excitech provides 24hr factory support with a team of highly experienced engineers that serve customers and partners around the world , around the clock.
■  No matter whether the machine is used in North America or Africa, we can run diagnostics via dial-in on any of our computer-equipped machines for troubleshooting and correct controller settings to have you running again in a minute.

1. What are the advantages of this machine?
Answer:The machine is fully functional but at a very economical price.
2. How do you check that your machine is up to shipment standards?
Answer: There are professional,strict quality inspection and commodity inspection in our factory.

3. How long is the machine warranty period?
Answer:EXCITECH offers 12 months warranty for service issue that are not caused by operator’s errors. Service and support are available throughout the service life of a machine at fair and reasonable costs after warranty expires.

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